Robots Gallery

A small shoutout to my many mechanical buddies :


Some videos :

Telenomies walk the Eigen Plot : An art/science installation by Oliver Wolf, an Artist-in-Lab resident of the AI Lab. It consists of a set of floating robots on an air table that locomote through twisting a membrane on its base, thereby redirecting air flow. I assisted in developing the controller and in some of the behaviour design aspects.

The Octopus soft robot arm : One of the prototype soft robotic arms built for the Octopus project for underwater manipulation. It is made from soft silicone and consists of upto 16 tendons which can be position or force controlled. I designed the controller framework.

The Pendulum robot : Built in the context of the ECCEROBOT project, this platform was used for designing and testing algorithms for learning control on compliant tendon driven systems. One result was that of a self-organised reduced dimensional controller for goal-directed movements on the redundant robot.


Robotics – State estimation – human movement – bio-inspiration

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